The future of selling digital items on ebay’s evolution will probably involve these guys , Basically it would be set up in such a way that the kunaki would hold a copy of the sellers digital file, that when prompted (eg. An eBay sale) the automated system manufactures, prints, assembles, packages, wraps, and ships your product in minutes. Costing $1.75 per item to produce and no minimum order. Your products will automatically be available on other major web sites including:,,,, and

4 actual digital items that exist right now through kunaki system.

Ultimate Dog Resorces – $77.00

Producing How to DVDs- $24.00

Create an online Business that makes money 24/7 – $76.00

PLR & Rights Domination – $47.00

Just try clicking on one of these examples and notice the drop down box in the top right corner. You’ll be surprised at the countries listed there.

Actual Products For Sale Todayproductimageasp2.jpgActual Products For Sale Todayproductimageasp4.jpg

In the coming months there will be many new websites, tools and scripts become available as the industry adapt to this alternative (and more profitable) way of selling digital information.

Check out this is an Great Tool that works in collaboration with

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