If you have web pages where you are wanting people to enter their name and email to join your list, then design and presentation does make a difference and is proven to increase conversions. Whether it be a sales page or a squeeze page or just an opt-in box on your blog it is alway worth giving it a tweak to improve it’s performance. For example it has been proven that the human eye is naturally attracted to the top right of a page, so why place your opt-in box at the bottom or on the left?

Good Design = Credibility = Trust = Action = Opt-In = PROFIT!

I have recently been been on a mission to improve some of my websites pages, here is a great example of a much improved page.

This is a page where you can join my list and receive Kevin Riley’s Plucking Low Hanging Fruit, A Free Report that shows you how easy it can be to make money online without a website, product or list.

Check out the difference between these two pages :

Before – Click the image to see the actual page


After – Click the image to see the actual page


Increase Squeeze Page Opt-In Rates - Free Templates

I achieved this by using these great ‘mix and match’ squeeze page templates fromĀ  OptinDesign.com. I am no web designer and struggle with HTML, code and such, so using these beautifully designed fully modifiable templates are just what I need. And it is worth me pointing out that I did have some problems when it came to entering my Aweber code (due to my noviceness), but a quick email to support and it was sorted out . I really, really do like quick responding helpful support. For me that is the cherry on top of the cake. Well done Kidino, what a product !

I have tried many different free squeeze page templates before but have been uncomfortable with them because they look a little tacky or cheesy, these designs are more stylish, crisp and clean. You can get two squeeze pages for free right now, so go have a play.

OptinDesign.com is a new breed of squeeze page templates. Now you don’t have to compromise between good design and high opt-in rates. Download your squeeze page templates and give them a try right now. And see your opt-in rates fly through the roof.


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