RoboForm: Learn more...I recently have upgraded to Roboform Pro and am very impressed. I have been using the Free version of RoboForm for months now and have been constantly surprised by how useful this little bad boy actually is. Of course it remembers all your passwords securly, but is much more than just a password manager.

RoboForm’s Auto Form Filler has saved me so much time never having to fill out any more online forms for registration, joining sites, forums, social networks etc. Just choose an identity, click and it fills out all fields with information I have stored on RoboForm.

Roboform also has a Safenotes feature which is another handy tool that I have only recently started using. It is prettey much like a little note book that you can store random info. No more little bits of paper lying around my desk.

Roboform’s Password Generater can also be useful if you want to tighten up your security and stop using the same password for every site. (yep, thats the way I used to do it, same password for everything-then I don’t forget)

Bookmarks is also another intresting feature that I have just started playing around with. Solid, secure bookmarking.

RoboForm is one of those tools that after a short time of using it you will wonder how you ever survived before without it.

If your not already using RoboForm then Get it for Free today and try it out.

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