The Internet today is all about interaction, and leaving feedback by commenting is the most basic way to start getting involved and “have you say”. Comments can be left on blogs, videos, social networks and many other places. The part where it starts getting confusing is when you start to look at the different etiquette and types of commenting.

How To Comment Where

For Example if you watched a video on Youtube (or similiar) and you liked it, and leave a quick comment like,

“Great Stuff, Thanks”

On video sites this seems to be ok, but if you were to leave that same comment on some blogs it may be not be enough. You must contribute something or make some sort of point.

Remedy : Try not to just dive in and say whatever. First take the time to read other peoples comments and get a feel for the style of feedback being left.

 Including a Link in Your Link.

Different people have different approaches on this, but generally I belive that if you see that other people drop a few links in their comments then as long as you add some thing of value and join the discussion then it is ok. You start becoming recognized as a spammer when you start leaving irrelevant comments like,

“hey, check this out ”

Remedy : My as a little extra rule I personally try to follow is that I never leave a link if it is my first time commenting on someone’s blog. Second time, and if other people leave links then, ok.

Signing Your Comment.

I always leave my name at the bottom of my comments as if it was a signature. Until a while back when I found this post that spun me out about is it wrong or write to sign your name at the end of a comment.¬† Check this out…

This was what turned out to be a controversial blog post in 2007 by Lorelle who is one of the original wordpress bloggers.

¬†“If You Sign Your Blog Comments, You Are a Dork !”

Comment Signatures – Don’t Sign Your Comments
Today’s blog comments feature a fairly consistent form. You fill in your name or blog name, email, and website address and then type in your comment. When it appears on the blog, your email should be hidden, but your name becomes a link to the website address you just gave. And most say “Lorelle says:” or “Comment by” and then your comment appears.
So don’t sign your name and include a link to your blog in your comments. It’s redundant. It makes you look like you don’t know what you are doing.

A comment isn’t a letter.

I’ll say it again, just so we’re clear about this: A comment is not a letter.

A blog comment does not start with “Dear Lorelle” and end with “Yours sincerely” and name, address, email, phone number, or website address.

These types of comments are usually left by people with little or no experience with blogs, blogging, or commenting.

Actually this was the first blog that I discovered a few years ago when I first tasted wordpress. An excellent Blog, but this particular blog post surprised me. Some comments turning a little nasty .

Do you sign your name on comments? has reading this blog post changed your thoughts on it ?

Commenting Tools

I have been searching for a way to make my commenting eaiser, but just can’t seem to find that magic tool to manage my commenting. Commenting on other peoples blogs and managing my occasional received comments on this blog is just one of those areas where I have not yet found a easy solution.

There’s lot’s of software and websites that push commenting to another level. I’ve tried IntenseDebate and was not impressed. I am now using Disqus and so far so good.

For Do-Follow commenting I have played with CommentKahuna but the free version is rather limited.

I’ve tried quite a few but I just can’t find the “best” commenting tool or system yet. Any tips or recommendations would be much appreciated.


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