10.jpgAs a new seller on ebay in the field of digital information products. This recent news of eBay’s ban on the selling of digital items is going to provide many new interesting alternative techniques. This is the first of my discoveries…….

Blog updated :  7 New Options for Digital Sellers

CD + DVD Automator is a PHP script that makes it easy to sell and deliver your CD’s and DVD’s 100% HANDS-OFF! Using CD + DVD Automator you can sell your content, scripts, software, videos and more through PayPal then have them burned, printed (in full color) and delivered to your customers automatically by Kunaki.com’s fulfillment service for just $1.75 each + shipping (account with kunaki.com required)! You never have to burn CD’s or DVD’s, print the CD /DVD jackets and inserts, label, package or drag your packages to the Postal Office !

Check out my updated findings in 7 New Options for Digital Sellers


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