Since the sudden eBay announcement concerning selling digital items, there’s been lot’s of confusion about the choices available for digital sellers. As every day passes, new solutions are continuing to appear. Here’s my collection of 7 eBay digital seller alternatives.

1. eBay – Classified

Of course you can turn your digital products into physical items quite easily(we’ll get to that in a moment), but don’t forget that digitally downloaded items have not been totally banned throughout eBay worldwide. At the moment the rule seems to be that you can sell digital items but only through a classified ad’s. There are fears that this will change also in the future, which is scaring more sellers away. Because of the sheer traffic potential that eBay offers and also because if for example you were selling ebooks about weight-loss your eBay competitors selling similar products have just gone down by well over 50%.

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2. Digital Media Solution

What is Digital Media Solution?

Digital Media Solution is a complete video series showing exactly how to create professional looking media from start to finish, they will show you in a series of very high quality video’s exactly what you need to do to compile your product onto CD/DVD just like the pro’s do.

They will show you all of the secrets using totally free methods and tools, so you will not have to shell out a single cent in order to get your product completed.

3. Fulfillment companies.

These companies offer the missing link if you want to turn your digital product into a physical product without to much effort on your part. It basically works in such a way that you upload your digital file to them, and when you make a sale of your (now physical) item, a message can be automatically sent to them, and they burn, package and ship your item on behalf of you. Such companies are,, CD/ and many more.

4. Sell physical Products on eBay via is an interesting alternative – see for yourself in the Salehoo Video Tour

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5. Tools that fill the gap.

Throughout my research I have foun that these CD/DVD Fulfillment companies are not always offering the complete solution for fully automating your online payment and delivery procedure. These are some offering that missing part of the jigsaw. CD/DVD Auto mator, KunkaiWorldPay, Kunaki Paypal, Digital Media Solution,

6. Self Publishing & Print on Demand Services

Now if you are ready to get your ideas converted into bookstore-quality books these guys are well worth a look. Generally more expensive than having your product burned onto a disc, but the quality speaks for itself. If you started to combine books made this way with your CD products they would certainly stand out from the crowd. Just check out some of the examples on the sites listed below of what you can do with printed media. , and Amazon’s

7. Other eBay’s

Have you heard the saying ” Can’t see the wood for the trees” ?

Well it’s quite easy to get sucked into eBay and become blinded to the fact that eBay is not the only way to sell your wares. Ok, eBay IS the big boy, but which similar company comes in at 2nd place ? There are so many factors to consider here like, traffic, cost of listing, final selling prices etc. Depending on what you are selling and what you what from it determines which alternative is best for you.

Ive only looked into this briefly but there are certainly plenty
alternative options to eBay for listing your digital item.The obvious presumption is that they receive less traffic.,, Bidhopper,, and the interesting GoogleBase.