If you want to create media, not just consume it, then check out my run down of these top free software, applications and tools to turn your computer into a more effective multi media content creation studio.

Open Office.

The free competitor to (and in my opinion, better than) Microsoft Office. A complete content creation suite, it provides a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program, a database — and, for the super geeks, a “mathematical function calculator” (but if you have to ask what it is, you most probably don’t need it).  One particular feature that makes this software worth its weight in gold for me is the simple conversion of documents into secure PDFs, which if you have ever tried to do from Microsoft Word you’ll have discovered that it ain’t that easy.

Visit the Open Office site or   Download Now (142.37MB)

Google Notebook.

If you need a simple way to save clippings from the Web, organize them, and then search through them, look no further than Google Notebook. Simple drag over and highlight any internet text or images click google note book, done. It is now in there for later reference.

Visit The Google Notebook Site

Get Paint

GetPaint.NET is free image and photo editing software  comparative to Adobe Photoshop (but a heck of alot cheaper- Free). It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins.

Visit the GetPaint.net site or   Download Now (1.53MB)


I recommend this to anyone who is creating or considering creating audio content. This program, which includes audio recording tools and sophisticated editing functions. You can even create audio sound-scapes from scratch. You can add any of several dozen effects, use a sound mixer…in short, the app has everything you need. While you don’t have to be well-versed in sound editing to use it, people with some experience will particularly enjoy its power. Great for simply “polishing”any microphone recording. A Podcasting must.

Visit the Audacity site or   Download Now (2.13MB)

Windows Movie Maker

With Movie Maker 2, you can create, edit, and share your own movies. You create movies with drag-and-drop commands, and you can edit your footage so you highlight only the best scenes. Then you can share your movie via the Web, e-mail, or CD. Although I am not a big fan of Microsoft products, this still seams to be the best comprehensive free video editing software.

Visit the Microsoft site or   Download Now (12MB)


Jing is the Free little brother to Camtasia Studio. Record tutorials or demonstrations on your computer screen. Can also be used during online conversations to show what your talking about. Instead of typing at people, show them what you’re talking about…pronto.  This powerful screen capture software is well worth having a play with to realize its potential.

Visit Jing site or   Download Now (7.6MB)

Slide Share

I have only played with this tool recently but I belive it has alot of potential. easy to use with the addition that you can easily Share publicly or privately. Add audio to make a webinar.

Visit The SlideShare site

Agree or diagree with my top 7 ? Have I missed out your favorite free content creation tool ? Drop it in the comments below.