squidoologo.jpgFor a long time I Squididn’t.

Lens masters, Squid’s, Lenses ? – What’s it all about ?

Squidoo.com is about finding and sharing recommendations online by building a lens. (A Squidoo Lens is like a web page of your very own.)

This is probably the most user friendly and easiest way to have a presence on the internet. (also very Google friendly) You sign up for free, then start building a lens, it’s that simple.

I’ve seen quotes around saying “Make a lens in 5 mins ” This is possible, I recently built my 3rd lens and it took me less than 15 minutes, so with a bit more practice I could probably make a lens in 5 minutes. Check out my Squidoo Lenses

If you have never made a squidoo lens before, then get on it today, Squidoo.com

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