protect-your-digital-download.gifDLGuard- Secure Download Management.

In my opinion DLGuard Rocks, handling all of my eBay, and website downloads. I don’t what I’d do without it. I’ve used various free services before which are just unreliable, unsecure and unprofessional looking for the downloader. I have also tried e-Junkie, very good but very expensive in the long run and they only offer a 7 day free trial, which is not long enough to really test anything .

DLGuard secures your website, and at the same time helps manage your downloads and build customer lists. It protects your thankyou pages from people accessing them directly and bypassing your payment system. When a customer purchases, DLGuard creates a unique download link that expires at a time interval you choose, protecting you against link sharing.

You can also provide the customer with automatic access to a members area.

DLGuard is the only system that allows you to easily add bonus products.

It supports ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout, Stormpay and Ebay digital product delivery, as well as JVManager and Free product downloads. Comes with an easy to use installation script. Loads of customizable download pages. For Paypal users there is a built in shopping cart and recurring billing.


The Owner and Developer of DLGuard, Sam Stevens is unbelievably helpful when it comes to support and there are plenty of easy to understand guides making setting it all up a breeze. (Remember I am a non-tech guy, and I’ve found it quite easy).

From reading other peoples reviews, the only negative I’ve found is people complaining about it’s price tag being too high. $97 one off payment (No monthly charges and taking fees for each item you sell). Actually for what is alternatives are available, this defiantly works out the cheapest. With an 8week money back guarantee you can’t go wrong.

I personally, highly recommend this Product and my Advice to you would be simply, Get into it sooner rather than later.

Check it Out for Yourself – View the DLGuard Website

The next most important tool that is vital if I want to maximize my efforts is the Auto Responder. This is the tool that will manage my newsletter systems. I have a funny angle on adding this to my business, because I personally hate “Newsletters”. So why would I want to set up my own mailing list. Find out here

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