Thinking of selling your digital products on DVD and CD ? Want to sell digital products on eBay? Convert Any Product – Dead, PLR, Resale Rights or Others – Into Money Making Machine Without Editing a Single Detail. Using Kunaki on autopilot means No manual handling required – here’s how …

Disc Mojo Software – Your Kunaki Physical Cd/dvd Automation Assistant!

Use this software to create a highly profitable residual  income stream.

Well it’s good news for all marketers because a new window of opportunity to create a “highly-profitable-set-and-forget” income stream has just opened up.

If you remember, just one year ago digital products such as e-books were selling for as much as $97 or more.

Have you noticed a steady decrease in the price ranges of these products recently? Digital products alone can no longer create a steady income stream on the internet.

Creativity is the key! One has to think out of the box to create a profitable business empire online. One such creative idea is to convert your digital products, Audio/Video content, PLR products or resale rights products to PHYSICAL CD/DVD’s.

There are two main reasons why you should consider selling physical products.

1.    Physical products have a high perceived value and sell for much higher prices than digital products.
2.    Physical products have very low refund rates and almost always keep your customers satisfied!

A few years ago, small marketers such as you and me were scared to sell physical CD/DVD products. Why? because converting your digital products into physical products need a lot of time and money to create and deliver them to the customer.

GOOD NEWS! Now you no longer have to waste hours of time trying to package, label and ship your CD/DVD’s to your customers. Disc Mojo Software will completely automate the process and deliver the products to your customer’s doorstep. Once you upload your product to Kunaki and set up Disc Mojo on your server you are all set to receiver orders.

Once the customer orders using the order page Disc Mojo creates, your product will be burned into CD’s, professionally packed and delivered to your customer using kunaki CD fulfillment service.

This is your opportunity to create a whole new income stream selling info-products on virtually autopilot.

I highly recommend it to everyone. Get this killer product for a very low price!

Act now… and build your very own  UNIQUE highly profitable income stream in the next few minutes.

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