Basically RSS means that you can now access my articles at any time without having to visit the website.

The acronym RSS has many meanings. The most common is Really Simple Syndication. In a typical scenario, we have a content provider that provides an automatic feed of its content to readers and other websites. You’ll know a website to be a content provider if you see this style of icon : .There are hundreds of variations of the button design but the basic function remains the same.

Using RSS in as a Reader ?

If you’ve never used RSS before, then my advice would be, don’t be scared, just dive in and click the link. rss_button2.pngSubscribe to my feeds A new window will open and you will see the area at the top of page saying, “Subscribe to this Feed Using…” followed by a drop down box to select your reader. Yahoo, Google, etc. Your reader sets up the rest. Easy.

Do You have Your Own Website ? is a content provider. You are welcome to use my RSS feeds into your website, my list of articles (title with summary) will be fed into YOUR website automatically. Every time a new article is published on my site, it immediately appears in your website, too, without any need for manual processing from your end.

The effect of RSS is that your site contains continuous fresh articles relevant to your website content. What benefit does this bring you?

(1) Your search engine ranking is enhanced. This is a very effective SEO strategy as the search engines love websites that have regular fresh content.

(2) Your site guests have a compelling reason to visit your site regularly to read up on the new articles featured therein. Consequently, your chances of selling more of your products or services to them are enhanced.


How to use my RSS feeds onto your Website

To access these feeds in a readable format, you need an RSS reader/aggregator. There are three main ways to use an RSS aggregator: a client-based application, a plug-in for your browser, or a web script that runs on your website.


  • Blogspace has a good list of Windows/Linux/Mac clients, many of them freeware.

Once your RSS Reader is setup, add the RSS feed(s) of your choice from the list below. That’s it… You and your site visitors can now access my articles at any time without having to visit the website.