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Tips to setting up Your Paypal Account.

Make sure you enter all your real details when setting up your account.

With so many scams and frauds on the internet today, people always seem to say that as a golden rule you should never put your details on the internet. So many sign ups to websites these days request all of your info. Address, telephone, etc. For a long time I never have entered my real details unless it’s something like Amazon or eBay where I’d like to buy something that has to be delivered to my home. Any other website I would enter gibberish.

Now I entered wrong information when setting up my Paypal account. And it just caused me a whole load of problems. Because Paypal check you are not a fraudster by confirming with a your bank account that your address is the same.

Many other security checks to protect themselves and their customers.

Paypal is totally legit and you should not worry about giving them your details.

Open your account Today !

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Suggestion: To start to get familiar with it why not try putting about $10 from your bank to fully get verified that it is you. This will help later when you want to set up eBay with all the full features available and also help when you want to withdraw the money you have made from the internet.