8. Paid To Read Emails – Easy Money ?

Feeling Slightly defeated , I decided I would try a whole new area, Paid-To-Read (PTR).

So I do my research and start signing up to many different PTR sites. Understanding that it is exactly what it says, read emails and get paid. The only catches seem to be that you have to open the email for minimum 30seconds, and you can only claim your money once you’ve met their minimum payout, meaning you’ll have to read for example 50 emails before you can withdraw your money. Sounds pretty simple.

Now lets give it a try.

I started finding sites that pay $0.10 for each email you read, then I found sites offering more than double this, offering $0.25 per email. Then a whopping $5 per email site popped up.

So I join all these sites and start opening paid emails.

Then I notice a site offering $10, and then another new site offering $50,

Surely no advertiser would ever pay this sort of money for potential customers to read their promotions.

And then the snowball continues and a new site offering $100 per email, then another offering $500.

Just as I was starting to think that this is getting stupid…….

$2000 per email !

Yes, this is true. Well it’s true that this company is claiming that they will pay this amount per email read. But WILL they actually pay-up.

Wow, if a guy in the third world could catch on to this he could read one email per day and from the money he received from that 30 seconds of reading, he would be able to feed the whole of his starving village!

In fact, I should write to the world food program about this scheme and let them know all about it. They could simply install a couple of computers in each poor area of the world, the locals read a couple of emails a day and as if by magic, we have an instant end to world poverty and starvation !

Well time to start clicking away on that inbox, when ever I have a spare half an hour, I open my PTR emails. Now this is where the problem starts, if you had the choice to open up a paid email that pays you $0.25 or an email that claims to pay you $2000, which one would you choose ? Greed/curiosity takes over in most peoples brain’s at this point.

So what if I want to get paid now ? No problem, simply buy a VIP membership and upgrade your account so that there is no minimum payout limit.

For testing out this PTR area I am concentrating on a particular site where thdeal goes like this ; $10 per email, $250 bonus for sign up and the minimum payout is $1000. Ok that’s about 75 emails to read before I can request the cash to be paid in to my Paypal. But only 3-4 paid emails will be sent to me each day. So it’s gonna take a few weeks.

It seems like its taking forever to reach this minimum payout level, So I pay $99 to upgrade to receive instant payouts.

Paid the money, but cannot find the payout button. Send email after email asking what’s going on. And no replies, then suddenly I log in to my account and it says that they do not have my details on their database.

I do some research on Google and discover that I’m not alone. Other people are also having the same problems with the same company. Ok, that’s it, straight to Paypal, find the order details, and register it as a dispute. What happens here is that I have to write a message requesting full refund then Paypal forwards this to the seller presumably with some sort of Paypal warning attached. If the seller and buyer cannot sort it out between themselves, then after 20days Paypal steps in to sort it out.

And after weeks of this company not answer my emails, suddenly within hours of me asking for my money back through Paypal, the money was back into my account.

I do hear a lot of people on the internet complaining about Paypal charges being to high. Maybe sometime in the future I will also be moaning about Paypal fee’s. But this is one of those moment s where I just have to sing their praises……. PAYPAL IS GREAT.

So I’m not going down the membership route again. With my confidence in the whole PTR thing totally knocked. I concentrate on reaching the minimum payout on this next site. Check this out – It’s the one that could end world poverty – $2000 per email, minimum payout of $500,000. Yeah right ! so with no faith in it at all, I reached the minimum payout level, sent the email requesting payment. And guess what happens ?….

I login to my account to see that (same as before), my details are not on their database. Surprise, surprise.

This is where I should learn from my mistakes and continue my investigations into the whole world of PTR.

But I cannot bring myself to open any more paid to read emails after these experiences. I am gonna have to quit this area, for now at least.

I do want to finish with this challenge; Is there any-one out there who can prove me wrong ? Who can show me that there is a way to do this AND get paid !

Email me – newkid@miltski.com