As a general rule I do not listen to music or have the TV on whilst blogging. It simply distracts me too much. I usually only listen to music if I’m doing such tasks as making graphics, or web design. Just reading and writing needs silence. Until recently, I discovered a trick of listening to music to get more done. It has to be fast paced with no lyrics, instrumental and I can actually write quicker. My Mp3 collection is massive, but sometimes I get bored of it. This is where I introduce my magic little internet friend. Live365.comlive365-radio.jpg

Totally Free (with some commercials) or become a Live365 VIP member ($5 per month) and get full access with no commercials. The commercials are particularly annoying so the membership is well worth it.

The Sound quality is almost of CD quality and even with my slow connection streams effortlessly. When you find a station you like add to your favorites with a single click, now you can select it anytime you like, from a little drop down box in your music player. All really easy and with variety like this theres some thing for everyone. You can also become a broadcaster and make your own station.

Live365 is the world’s largest radio network on the Internet, with over 15,000 stations spanning 250+ genres and created from over 150 countries. They have over three million unique listeners per month worldwide. Their content and stations are syndicated in iTunes, RealPlayer, WindowsMediaPlayer, and Windows Media Center, and various other websites

Listen to Live365 today FREE

Do You Have an Ear for Music? - Live365


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