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Who is Miltski ?Miltski.com what is it ?

Well to be honest I’m not sure exactly, as this project is still evolving.

Basically A few months ago I decided I was to have a go at making a bit of extra income from the internet. I am now in the position where I am devoting myself full-time to developing my multiple streams of income from the internet. I am by no way making a fortune, YET. But I’m certainly heading in the right direction.

There’s already tens of thousands of people who make all sorts of money from the internet. From the Mom who earns a bit of extra income from the internet whilst looking after the kids, to the guy who became a millionaire in months from his internet business idea. I have committed myself fully to this project and you can follow my precarious journey from the very start in my first real “e-Product”. Available in just days from now

But my first few months were a dizzy mess of being lost in scams and waste of time systems. Follow My story In The Amazing Miltski Money Adventures.
My purpose right now is to not struggle through this maze alone any more. I figured that there’s other people out there with similar goals as myself. If I share my mistakes and victory’s to help others, people will also help me in return. The out come being that we have fun and create at the same time.

Get to know be better – Read my most intimate post yet

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